Want to pick my brain? Check out these in depth interviews

I get many requests from entrepreneurs or early stage founders to have 1:1s and I can't say yes to all of the requests. So I thought I'd create a list of some of my favorite interviews where I cover a ton of information about fundraising, building a team, getting started (quit that day job girl!), and managing my mindset.  I hope these videos and interviews answer some of your questions and help you on your journey.

- Morgan

p.s. Some of these interviews are kind of old but the advice stays true across the years. If I give advice on social media platforms or growth hacks, be sure to check the date -- things move fast in tech!




And finally a bit about my morning routine! 

4 starting principles I live by to keep me grounded as a Founder.

Last week I spent my Friday hanging out with 50+ students in Boston at #BU and they put me on the hotseat!

They asked me about my biggest regrets, having non Black investors, balancing @blavity’s commitment to creators as we scale, and about the confidence challenges I’ve had had to transitioning from a founder to a CEO.


Here are some things I shared: 

1.  Always run choices through a lens of your personal mission and community impact

2. Accept that entrepreneurship is a journey. The inner spirit of innovation demands that you are never satisfied.

3. It’s about the people. My biggest strength is the people around me. My biggest potential risk is that I forget that.

4. Consistent execution + pursuit of excellent + smart hard work. That’s my personal equation of success.

Thank you BU and @nwborg for having me. #hustlesmart